Tip Tuesday #50 – Maximise PR Opportunities

On our Tip Tuesday blog this week we are looking at ‘How to Maximise PR Opportunities Around In-Store Celebrations i.e. milestones, anniversaries, award wins etc’. Here we are again, as we finish the end of another year and we look forward to 2016 we start planning for the New Year ahead. It is always a good idea to get a jump start on things so what have you got planned for 2016?

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Do you have any celebrations planned for the New Year, do you have any business milestones coming up or are you planning on any other in store celebrations? Do you and your business celebrate different holiday periods or seasons and try and optimise the different opportunities available to you. Did you win any awards this year that you really wish you had promoted a bit more or have you missed out on shouting about some major announcements within your business. Remember before you start your PR plans for 2016 review and evaluate what worked for you and what didn’t work in 2015 and how you can improve things for the year ahead. Here are some of our tips on how you can maximise PR opportunities around major announcements, business milestones, anniversaries or award wins within your business or boutique.


Before we start 2016 there is of course the festive season to celebrate first. If appropriate for your business why not consider creating articles, images or blog posts that can capitalise on the holiday season. Discussing a topical issue such as Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day is likely to increase audience attention as it is at the front of peoples mind. Try and incorporate holiday themes and sayings into content and use images that can be used on social media to highlight your business. For example sharing your season styled boutique windows, sharing Christmas, Valentines or Easter inspired mood boards, match bridal gowns and accessories that fit perfect within the relevant holidays or seasons.

There are several holiday periods throughout the year that you can optimised on whether this is in the form of boutique window displays, looking at creating articles, images or writing blog posts again all of these are aimed at increasing audience awareness. Why not look at the 2016 calendar and see which holidays work best for you and your business, you can even look at the different seasons and create something around these.


Whatever your next announcement whether it is launching a new product or service of expanding into a new market you need to make sure you are reaching your target audience effectively and generating a buzz around your business. Remember December is a busy month. Some journalists start to wind down for the year and enjoy the festive period early especially when there are additional bank holidays so try and keep any major announcements until the New Year. Aim for your major announcements to be published in January or if you have to announce something straight away then do so at the beginning of December to ensure that journalists are available.

A business birthday or anniversary is a perfect excuse for a celebration and a valuable marketing opportunity too. Business anniversaries can be important milestones for you and your business. They are a good way to mark progress in your growth, reinforce your credibility and track record, and they also help to build your business and personal brand so it is well worth recognising and celebrating them. Remember in order to maximise your birthday or anniversary PR and marketing power look at creating articles, images or writing blog posts and sharing the announcement and celebration across your social media platforms.

To help celebrate an announcement, birthday or anniversary why not think about running a competition or offering a discount code or voucher and if it is a big event you could even look at throwing a party. If you have employees that have worked with you a while you could look at recognising their efforts or you could event offer some new customer gifts to help celebrate.


No matter what size your business is you can enter a business award. Business and industry awards come in all shapes and sizes and there are a huge variety of awards around from local to national, industry based or awards that have a specific entry or business criteria. Deciding what awards to enter could be challenging but it is also important to weigh up the time and effort it would take to enter against the potential gain. Winning a business award has the potential to offer a number of key benefits and it can provide external recognition for you and your business. There is of course the PR and marketing element. Whether this comes in the form of coverage in the media, the use of the awards logo in marketing activity such as direct mail, advertising and collateral, or whether it’s just word of mouth between colleagues and families of the winners, this kind of third party recognition can be used to reward and motivate a team.