Tip Tuesday #49 – Press Packs

On our Tip Tuesday blog this week we are looking at How to Put Together a Press Packs. The meaning of the phrase press pack is evolving, as recently as a decade ago, it meant literally a package of information in a folder sent out to reporters to try and generate interest in a company.

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The kits were an easy way to share a comprehensive look at a business, but were notoriously cumbersome. A reporter attending an industry trade show could walk away with suitcases full of packets of information from a dozen different companies in a mess of envelopes and loose papers. Lots of it, to be honest, ended up in the recycling bin anyway. Over time, some companies and promoters got savvier and nowadays press packs have occasionally morphed into elaborately designed folders of multimedia information including CDs, music samples, and content on flash drives.

When it comes to making people aware of your brand when they attend a trade show creating a good press pack can be just as important as having a website or customer service hotline but putting one together can often become confusing. You gather up lots of information about your company that you have lying around but you end up looking at it all thinking where do I start? You want your press kit to be one-stop shopping for any journalist looking to write about your company. But they also use the kits as marketing tools for potential advertisers or clients. In no particular order here are some of our top tips on putting together a press pack:

Biographies: You can add this section to talk a bit more about your company’s founders, the owners, your designers or any other key players.

Company overview: this is where you put the info about you, what does your company do? When did it start? Is there something unique about your company or brand that people might be interested in?

Contact information: This seems like a no-brainer, but some people often overlook including a section telling media whom to contact for more information. You should list phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your company spokesperson, public relations person or a designated staff member who handles media requests.

Design: The design of the whole press pack is important as it is being used to highlight your brand or products so quality counts. Invest in a decent quality paper, make it look professional and make sure the design represents who you are as a brand.

FAQs: If you find that you are always getting asked a certain set of questions from journalists you could add a frequently asked questions section to pre-empt any questions and to help differentiate your company from your competitors.

Images: These should be your latest collection or products which you want showcasing and include a CD or a USB stick with all your images on, but make sure they are labelled up with your details, that includes the images you have saved to the relevant media so the journalist knows who’s designs they are looking.

Press Coverage: Include any coverage or mentions in the press your company has received, such as magazine stories, clips from a newsreel, or screenshots from online publications.

Press Release: You should always include at least one or two of your most recent press release including one regarding the collection or products that you are currently promoting.

Testimonials: You may also want to consider including customer or stockist testimonials or product reviews if appropriate.