Mood Board Monday #61 – Pastel Wedding Style

After a few weeks break we are back with another Mood Board Monday and this week we are looking at pastel coloured wedding inspiration. Pastel colour schemes will definitely win  an Oscar for the most elegant role among other palettes so whether you are looking for shades of pink, peach, mint, lavender or blue this mood board has everything you will need. There are lots of great colours in this theme and you can easily mix different shades of one colour or different pastel colours all together.

So here is our Pastel Inspired Wedding Mood Board with everything from bridesmaid dresses to décor and balloons to wedding cakes.

Mood Board Monday - Pastel Wedding Style

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Fashion Friday #4 – All About The Oscars

On this weeks Fashion Friday I have revisited Sunday evenings 87th Academy Awards or as it is commonly know The Oscars which took place on the 22nd February at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. This awards ceremony marks the end of the film awards season for 2015 and as you can guess it is the last time that the stars can come out in force and truly show off their style.

For these awards the dresses seemed to be a lot more muted in colour and there was also a lot of pinks, coral and blush shades. There were also a lot more different styles with various shoulder and neckline styles from halter necks, strapless and one shoulder to full sleeves and plunging necklines. There were so many to choose from this time but I have managed to narrow it down and chosen 12 different celebrities. For this post I decided to start with one of the lightest coloured dresses and finish with one of the darkest and f course start with the lady who also happens to be my favourite and, in my opinion, one of the best dressed women from all of the awards this season and she has appeared at the majority of them.

So to start us off I have chosen Reese Witherspoon who wore a white off the shoulder gown with black band detail by Tom Ford and Gwyneth Paltrow who started the pastel pink trend with a one shoulder, ruffle detail, full length sleeve custom made Ralph & Russo Couture dress.

Reese Witherspoon - Tom Ford and Gwyneth Paltrow - custom made Ralph & Russo Couture

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Fashion Friday #3 – Celebrity Awards Style 2015 Part Two

Last week I brought you part one of Celebrity Awards Style Fashion Friday feature where I looked at the  20th Critics Choice Awards and the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards which took place in January. This week I am looking at the 28th British Academy Film and Television Awards aka the BAFTA Film Awards and the 57th annual Grammy Awards which both took place on the 8th February 2015 on opposite sides of the world.

This week I have decided to start on home soil with the BAFTA Film Awards that took place at the Royal Opera House, London, again there was no specific theme but there was various different ones that started to appear. from gowns with delicate floral details to various shades of purple moving onto the pastel pinks and whites. I have managed to chose six of my favourites from these awards and I have to say these are some of my favourites from all the awards so far.

 Starting off with the floral details and these two dresses have just that, Felicity Jones wore a full length Dior Couture gown with pink floral details on the skirt whilst Kiera Knightly wore a pink and black mid-length Giambattista Valli dress with floral details on both the top and bottom.

Felicity Jones – Dior Couture | Kiera Knightly  - Giambattista Valli

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The International Wedding Trend Report 2015 – Part Five

After four weeks of videos today is the final video in the five part series of the International Wedding Trend Report 2015 by The UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning (UKAWEP). For the past few weeks Kylie Carlson, director of the UKAWEP has taken you through what the big trends will be in weddings around the world in 2015 and has covered topics including colours, themes, florals, styling, décor, catering, cakes, stationery, entertainment, venues and much more.

The UKAWEP official Wedding Trend Report is accompanied by this series of video reports and this is the final video that forms part of their Wedding Trend Report for 2015. In this report Kylie looks at venues, entertainment and stationery rounding of our hot trend predictions in the world of weddings for 2015.

With special thanks to:
Ceci Johnson from Ceci New York
Sara Burnett from Burnetts Boards
Wayne Gurnick from Moments By Wayne
Nick and Aleah Valley from Valley and Co
Jane Riddell from Planned for Perfection
Emma Hla from CoCo Wedding Venues
Pam Dunn from Pamella Dunn Events
Lewis Early from Ivy Ellen
Tracey Warren from Warble Entertainment
Bann Al-Jelawi (Bee) from Gilded Linens
Jaclyn Campbell from Ivory & Rose
Elizabeth Muhmood Kane from Bridal Musings
Susanna Young from Knot and Pop
Megan Norris from Hansel and Gretel Cakes
Kathy Apostolidis from Nightingales
Denise Fouracre from The Wedding Zone
Eddie Zaratsian from Tic Tock Florals
Lisa Macale from Willow Tree Creative

Kylie Carlson is the director of a group of companies specialising in training and certification for the wedding and special events industry and as an international training company that encompasses the UK Academy (UKAWEP), the Australian Academy (AAWEP) and the New Zealand Academy (NZAWEP) of Wedding and Event Planning and The Wedding and Event Institute (WEI) and they are in the unique position that they are able to compile a report of this type using their own research combined with the knowledge of top wedding experts from around the world to give the reports a truly global feel.

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Tip Tuesday #43

On our Tip Tuesday this week we have the second part of our ‘Starting and Launching Your Wedding Business’ article from Attire Bridal magazine issue May and June 2014 which we featured a couple of weeks ago. Starting again next week we have our weekly single PR and Marketing tip and we are starting by talking all about ‘Email Etiquette’ so don’t forget to join us next week.

tip tuesday

The wedding industry in the UK is now a multi-billion pound area with more and more couples getting married each year. With it continuing to grow bigger and bigger, starting your own bridal business and launching it into this industry can be bit of a daunting task. Whether you want to open a bridal boutique, become a wedding planner, start your own bridal gown design or become a photographer it can be a bit of a mine field on where to start, but if you can commit and put in the hard work and dedication required then your well on your way.

Following on from Part One of this feature in the last issue, in Part Two we offer some more top tips on what to consider when it comes to starting and launching a business into the wedding industry:


Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won’t be profitable for long. The essence of good customer service is forming a relationship with customers and it is all about bringing customers back and about sending them away not only happy but happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others, who may then try the product or service you offer for themselves and in their turn become repeat customers. Continue reading

Train With The UKAWEP To Become An Event Stylist

On last weeks episode of The Fixer with Alex Polizzi they ventured up North to help an event stylist and her wedding and event styling business in Wakefield giving the entire business an overhaul.  The business Lusso Styling formally Balloonin Marvellous Events, were barely turning a profit and had put little if any thought into their pricing. They see themselves as stylists, planners or designers, but not business people and there lies the first fundamental problem.


The UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning (UKAWEP) are leading educators in the wedding and event industry and they see businesses like Lusso Styling all the time that’s why when studying one of their Courses they ensure that they cover everything including: the basics of wedding and event design, the theory of design, floral design, lighting and  special effects , traditions and etiquette , catering and entertainment, wedding budgets, working with suppliers, social media and publicity, finances and contracts and much more making sure you walk away with everything you need. Continue reading

Fashion Friday #2 – Celebrity Awards Style 2015 Part One

I last did my Fashion Friday blog back in January when I looked at the celebrity style when the awards season truly started with style at the 72nd Golden Globes Awards. Well I am back this week with a bumper Fashion Friday post which I have had to split into two as there have been four more awards to cover since my last post, so I have part one this morning and part two will come next week.

So to kick start  this feature I am looking at the 20th Critics Choice Awards which took place on the 15th January 2015 at the Hollywood Palladium. This was closely followed by the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards which took place on the 25th January 2015 at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California. It has been busy but I am starting with the Critics Choice Awards, the dresses again were showstoppers but there was also the odd trouser suit thrown in for good measure and styled perfectly with accessories. There was an apparent theme of gold and silver metallic or pops of metallic within the dress itself as well as various shades of red appearing.

I have chosen 6 of my favourite outfits to share with you the first of my six choices I have chosen Kiera Knightley dress by Delpozo which had subtle detailing and pops of colour on the shoulders and sides. I also liked Amy Adams dress by Maxmara, this one was shorter than some of the others but still followed the metallic theme staying within the gold shades.

Kiera Knightley – Delpozo |  Amy Adams - MaxMara

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The UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning announce the date of their first Supper Club

Supper Club

We are excited to announce the launch of the UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning Supper Club and the first date has already been set. The first Supper Club with take place at the lovely Grays Court in York on Thursday 19th February 2015 between 7pm and 9.30pm.

The Supper Club is a brand new initiative to the wedding industry were both novice and established wedding professionals come together at a relaxed dining event were professionals can share expertise and knowledge. Limited to 15 people the event will allow a more intimate experience and for everyone attending to get involved. The topic for the first Supper Club will be ‘Finding Your Ideal Client’ and the UKAWEP will be a leading a discussion on the subject with all attendees having the chance to offer their thoughts and guidance to others as well as asking questions to other guests who may be able to help as they have already experienced these issues.

The Supper Club costs £37.50 per person and includes a drink on arrival and a two course meal. There are no fees involved and this is not a membership club, instead it is an extension of what the UKAWEP offers by way of support, leadership and guidance within the industry. To register and secure your place on the UKAWEP first Supper club please use the link here….. booking form

Tip Tuesday #42

On today’s Tip Tuesday we look at our third article for Attire Bridal magazine which was a two part feature ‘Starting and Launching Your Wedding Business’

tip tuesday The wedding industry in the UK is now a multi-billion pound area with more and more couples getting married each year it continues to grow bigger and bigger, so starting your own bridal business and launching it into this industry can be bit of a daunting task. Whether you want to open a bridal boutique, become a wedding planner, start your own bridal gown design or become a photographer it can be a bit of a mine field on where to start, but if you can commit and put in the hard work and dedication required then your well on your way. In this two part feature we offer some top tips on what to consider when it comes to starting a business and then launching a business into the wedding industry:

SORT OUT YOUR BUSINESS PLAN New businesses launch every day some become very successful and some fail but having a business plan is key and can help your business succeed. However writing a business plan can seem a daunting challenge, however, this skill is vital for any new business launching, but once you have all the details that you need you will be able to effectively target the right customer and also make sure that your business plan is in place. Make sure your plan is concise and that it includes enough detail to ensure it has sufficient information to make informed decisions but also make sure it is realistic. When you start any business you should have a plan in place including sections on your company, what product or service you are providing, what is your target market, who is your competition, do you have a team or is it just you running the business, setting your PR and marketing and also your financial needs. But be aware that this can change as you go along and you start putting it into action but at least if you have a starting point. Continue reading

Food Friday #1 – Homemade Bread

2lb White Loaf It is time to start another new blog series and this time it is my Food Friday blog. So at the weekend I decided to try and make bread, call me stupid but since we moved house and I now have an Aga I thought it was about time I did a bit more cooking and baking, after all I had to learn how to cook again after only ever using gas and electric previously. I followed a simple recipe and thought I would share it with you. I have adapted the recipe slightly but I have listed the ingredients that I used below, the method is still the same as the original. I have a 2lb loaf tin and this recipe can make either one 2lb loaf or it can be split into two and make two 1lb loaves. It did take a while to make as it needs to prove for 2hrs but I have to say as it was my first time making homemade bread I was quite impressed with the result – and it tasted great as well. Continue reading